Does your Water Filter/Energizer boast these features?


  • 30 year lifespan 
  • 10 year warranty
  • Ionize-Soften-Alkalize-Decluster-Structure
  • Maintenance-free
  • Independent test results available 
  • Free consultations & advice
  • Phi-Magnetic Water Treatment & Vortex Technology   


• More negative (-) ions increase energy levels and vitality
• Better magnetic properties reduce calcification (arthritis) and inflammation
• Smaller molecular cluster size greatly increases hydration & detoxification
• Decreases acidity in the blood strengthening the immune system
• Effective solution for softening and treating bath & shower water


• Use less water and ingredients in cooking/baking
• Catering industry: better taste/appearance/ nutritional density of food
• Increasing soil nitrogen availability & faster turn-around time for crops
• Increase in negative charge/ions and decrease in Redox potential
• Increasing water penetration and hydration - better wetting conditions
• Faster growth during germination, vegetation & fruiting of plants (up to 70%)
• Decrease in the amount of fertilizer and water used in farming (up to 30%)
• Increasing root development in plants and reducing unpleasant farm odours
• Stronger immunity in fish - better in water troughs, tanks and dams for livestock



• Softens water and reduces scale – increasing life of equipment
• Reducing maintenance and cleaning due to better wetting/penetration
• Reducing the use of cleaning detergents
• Reducing water consumption during plant (machine) wash downs
• More efficient performance of cooling towers and refrigeration
• Improves thermodynamic properties of water – better heat transfer
• Fuel enhancement and Tar-Sands Oil Production etc.


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" The Super Imploder supports Earth, life, and healthy living."

A great introduction to the science in Maximum Yield Magazine:
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